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     Jay Westfaul is an eleventh generation Mississippian, and a life-long resident of this state.     He was educated in the public schools of Mississippi, and practices law in each of the state's 82 counties, as well as the federal courts of both the Northern and Southern districts of Mississippi and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.   He frequently associates with law firms from around the United States, and will gladly evaluate your case free of charge, wherever you are located.    

     Jay will be quick to tell you that he hasn't won each case he has tried.   If any lawyer tells you they have never lost a case, RUN!  That lawyer has not tried enough cases or hides from the difficult matters all people face. 

     Jay understands that all people make mistakes.    If he represents you, rest assured that he will fight hard for you and that you can trust him to maintain strict confidence of your darkest hour or most embarrassing moment.    He always says, "Make the best of what you have, turn the negative into a positive, stand firm, and never let them see you sweat."

B.P.A., University of Mississippi, 1988

Juris Doctor, University of Mississippi, 1991

Jay is no stranger to a courtroom, having tried hundreds of cases to completion and settling many more out-of-court.    He is active in the state and local bar associations, his church, numerous civic organizations, and is a graduate of the American Institute for Justice.   He is rated by lawyers and judges  who know and work with him as having high legal skills and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubbell.     Jay is well-connected with attorneys from all over the United States.

Jay Westfaul
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